Candela: Solving Textbook Affordability with Open Content

Candela courseware from Lumen Learning provides an extremely low cost e-textbook alternative to expensive commercial textbooks in high enrollment college courses. Designed using open educational resources (OER), Candela courses offer much more than just an OER textbook.

Value-added Open Educational Resources

To create each Candela course, we curate open content including text, video and a variety of supplemental materials such as assessments, assignments, quiz question banks, study guides, online homework problem sets for quantitative courses, slide decks and other contributions from faculty members across the open education community.

Day One Student Access to Course Content

Lumen courseware places no paywall between students and the materials they need to succeed in their courses, so every student enjoys day one digital access to course content through the LMS. Instead of a student paywall, Lumen contracts with institutions for a low-cost $10 per student fee based on the number of students enrolled in Lumen-supported courses. Many Lumen clients recoup this cost with a course materials fee.

OER for 60+ High Enrollment College Courses

The Candela course catalog includes OER-based courses for 60+ subjects, focusing on high-enrollment courses students typically take during the first two years of college, as well as developmental education courses. Browse our course catalog to preview Candela courses.  Contact us to request a demo of how Candela works with your LMS.

Customizable Courses, Editable eBooks

We pre-design courses in high-enrollment subjects that align curated OER with learning outcomes. Using these packaged courses as a starting point, we work with clients to adapt the courses to fit their learning outcomes, instructional approach and students’ needs. Instructors find it simple to re-order, revise, remix and make the course content their own.

Content Delivered in Your LMS

Lumen courses integrate with all major learning management systems, making it simple for students and instructors to access course content directly in the LMS. Faculty use familiar LMS tools for organizing content, providing assessments, managing discussion boards, communicating with students and so forth.

Faculty and Technical Support

Lumen’s workshop-style training sessions and OER office hours help new faculty transition to open materials and customize courses to fit their learning outcomes and instructional approach. We also provide LMS integration, guaranteed hosting, availability and technical support for Candela courses, as well as ongoing faculty support for instructors teaching with OER.

Community Input for Continuous Improvement

As students learn and instructors teach with Candela courses, Lumen evaluates their effectiveness and incorporates data-driven improvements to strengthen student learning. Lumen clients and instructors become part of a growing community of educators and institutions engaged in using OER to improve affordability, access and student success.

Low Cost

Candela courses carry a low-cost support fee of $10 per student enrolled in course sections using Candela materials. Many institutions recoup this cost by adding a course fee, which most students strongly prefer to the cost of a standard textbook.

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