MyOpenMath: A Better Solution for Math Education

MyOpenMath is an online math education system created with open educational resources (OER). Supporting math instruction from arithmetic and developmental math through calculus, the system provides complete OER replacement for expensive commercial textbooks and online practice systems.

MyOpenMath Supports Hands-on Learning

MyOpenMath is an open system designed by math educators to provide students with educational content, practice problems and immediate feedback to help them master math skills. It includes:

  • Digital instructional content (text, video, etc.)
  • Online homework system
  • Algorithmically-generated problem sets
  • Machine-graded assessments
  • Automatic day-one access to course materials
  • Sample courses instructors can customize

Who Uses MyOpenMath?

MyOpenMath was originally developed by David Lippman, a math faculty member at Washington’s Pierce College. Hundreds of instructors have contributed to designing question banks and strengthening instructional content. Thousands of instructors and students have used MyOpenMath for affordable, effective math education.

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Try MyOpenMath for Free

As a service to the education community, Lumen Learning makes an unsupported version of MyOpenMath freely available to students and instructors at You can create an account, get acquainted with the system, configure and teach some courses free of charge.

Once your enrollment numbers grow past a “pilot” stage, we’ll contact your institution to explore moving to our supported model, to ensure you have reliable access to the system as well as training, technical and faculty support.

To try out the process of setting up your own course in MyOpenMath, follow the “Getting Started” instructions to request an instructor account.

Enjoy the Benefits of Paid Support for MyOpenMath

Lumen Learning provides extremely low-cost, paid support for MyOpenMath to ensure institutions have not only a reliable system, but also faculty training and technical support for successful implementations. Lumen support includes:

  • Virtual training to orient instructors on how to use MyOpenMath
  • Instructor assistance to identify, configure and customize content for the courses they are teaching
  • Ongoing faculty support to answer questions and suggest best practices
  • Models for easily creating and replicating courses for large numbers of instructors
  • Prompt action on issues or corrections identified in MyOpenMath materials and problem sets
  • Integration between MyOpenMath and the institution’s LMS to facilitate data sharing
  • Service level guarantees for reliable uptime and response time
  • Interactive partnership with Lumen support team to map your needs to into system enhancements

Support fees fund continued investment in the MyOpenMath platform to assist us in keeping the platform and the content current, available, and secure. As you come to rely on MyOpenMath for core curriculum, you’ll want the assurance provided by a system with full support and sustained funding.