Waymaker: Personalized Learning Meets Open Education

Waymaker offers next-generation OER course materials. We design each Waymaker course using curated and enhanced open educational resources and learning activities, along with simple personalized learning tools that coach students to become better learners and help instructors find and connect with students who need individualized attention.

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How does Waymaker work?

Waymaker builds a model of each student’s learning as they work through activities associated with course learning outcomes. It creates a personalized study plan for each student, containing recommendations about where to focus their efforts. Waymaker develops students’ metacognitive abilities by providing them with relevant information about their learning, choices about what to do next to develop mastery, and real-time feedback on how their learning is progressing.

Waymaker also creates efficiencies for instructors to help them identify and reach out to students to provide help and encouragement when and where needed.

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Waymaker Keeps the Person in Personalized Learning.

Well-aligned, Open Educational Content

Waymaker curates open educational resources (OER) including text, video, simulations and other learning activities aligned to clearly-defined learning outcomes. Faculty can customize the content based on their outcomes and student learning needs. Students access everything easily in the institution’s LMS.

Assessments as Learning Tools

In Waymaker, Mastery Learning-inspired assessments are productive tools for learning and feedback. Formative pre-tests and self-checks, summative quizzes and human-graded performance assessments offer guidance to students and faculty about where to focus and how to improve learning.

Personalized Study Plans

Waymaker’s personalized study plans help students gauge their progress through the course and direct them to the material they need to focus on. With this information, students can use their study time more effectively and develop a deeper understanding of how they learn better.

Instructor Insights and Recommendations

Student learning data provide insights for instructors about who is struggling and where. Waymaker makes specific recommendations to faculty about just-in-time individual interventions that can make a significant difference in student performance.

Nudges, Communications and Connections

Instructors use Waymaker as a time-saving tool to send personalized messages to students to encourage good behaviors and correct problems. These communications, coupled with just-in-time personal outreach, help create the human connections that can make such a positive impact on student engagement, confidence-building, and academic success.

Which Waymaker courses are now available?

We are working rapidly to expand our Waymaker course catalog. Subjects and availability dates are provided below. All Waymaker courses are ready for review, evaluation and customization in advance of the general availability date.

Available Now Macroeconomics
Introduction to Business
Principles of Marketing
English Composition I
Introduction to Sociology
College Success
Basic Reading & Writing
Intro. to College Composition
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Available April 2017 Biology I (for Majors)
Biology II (for Majors)
Biology I (for Non-majors)
Introduction to Psychology
College Algebra
Math for Liberal Arts
Available August 2017 Principles of Management
Computer Applications for Managers

Waymaker Implementation Costs and Pricing

Personalized courseware delivery

  • Complete, customizable digital course materials
  • Certified OER courses
  • Automatic day one access for all students; no paywall
  • Faculty messaging and recommendation tools
  • Asynchronous online faculty training
  • Ongoing technical and faculty support
$25 per student enrolled in Waymaker course sections, billed to institution
Optional Onsite Kickoff: 1-2 day workshop covering integration, training, customization, faculty professional development to maximize efficacy $3,000 per day
Optional service: Course mapping, configuration, learning design and customization support TBD, depending on scope of support needed

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