Do you need some help? Use any of the following resources to help us help you.

Lumen Learning Support Website

lumen office-April 2016

Lumen HQ: Where we field your support inquiries.

For all support needs for active customers, go to Use the form to submit your support request. This form helps us collect useful information, so we can take quicker action to address your request.

Faculty User Guide

The Faculty User Guide is a self-service knowledge base containing useful “how-to” information and frequently asked questions for faculty using Lumen-supported course materials. When you have a question, we suggest trying the Faculty User Guide to see if it’s already answered somewhere. If not, then file a support request so we can help.

OER Office Hours

Most business days, Lumen holds OER Office Hours, when you can call in via phone or a virtual meeting link to speak with a live Lumen expert about any question you may have: OER, using Waymaker or Candela courses, why the sky is blue, etc. Click here for the Office Hours schedule and access information.

Lumen Community Slack

Slack is a free, online messaging tool for communication and collaboration. Anyone is welcome to join this community, which can help you get more connected to colleagues at Lumen and the colleges and universities we serve. If you’re not a member yet, request an invitation to join. If you are already a member, click here to join the conversation:

Contact Us

If you’re not sure where to direct your question or request, use the “Contact Us” form to tell us what you’re looking for, so we can help.