Open Outcomes: Faculty Development

Faculty members are a primary focus for Lumen Learning as we support professional development, innovation and success using open educational resources. Our process emphasizes these outcomes for instructors:

  • A smooth transition to OER-based instruction, using Candela Open Courses
  • Collaboration with peers to co-design courses, curate content, share best practices and move OER initiatives forward
  • Freedom to adapt, innovate, remix or repurpose course materials to improve learning
  • Continuous improvement using content analytics to recommend data-driven course updates that strengthen student learning
  • Ongoing support and sustainability to maintain the quality of Candela Open Courses and ensure access to the best available OER

    “That’s Why We Became Teachers”

    Hear educators who participated in the Lumen-supported Kaldeidoscope project discussing the transition to using OER instead of commercial textbooks.

    Learn about the positive affects of OER on how they teach, work and engage students in the learning experience.