Special Offer: OER Degree Program Support Package

OER degree programs are a common sense solution for any two-year institution with students who struggle with textbook affordability and access to the materials they need to succeed in college. In response to growing interest, Lumen Learning has created a unique support package to help institutions successfully develop and launch OER degree programs for several associate degree pathways.

This package is based on the technical and program support Lumen is providing to grantees of the Achieving the Dream OER Degree Initiative. It offers a similar scope of guidance, training, faculty and technical support, at an affordable price that offers significant value. It includes:

A Cohort ApproachLumen will use a cohort approach to facilitate this program, with groups of institutions kicking off and working through the OER degree development process together. This gives institutions the opportunity to collaborate and learn from peers, while enjoying support from the Lumen team and a peer community. As appropriate, we will also share and build on lessons, insights, open resources and collaboration opportunities generated by the ATD OER Degree grant program.Limited SpaceIn order to ensure high levels of support and success for institutions pursuing this path, Lumen Learning is offering a limited number of spots for the OER Degree Program Support Package.

  • Cohort starting Fall 2016: Up to 10 institutions
  • Cohort starting Spring 2017: Up to 15 institutions

Get Additional Detail about this OfferTo learn more about this special support package from Lumen Learning, you can download additional detail about the benefits of OER degree programs and descriptions of the specific components included in this offer. Click on the button below to access this information.
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Component Description Package A la carte
Remote Planning
  • Program structure & course plan
  • Guidance on project planning and sustainability
included $6,000
Two Onsite Workshops
  • Two-day kickoff, one-day follow up
  • Planning, education, training, capacity-building
included $9,000
Technical Support
  • LMS integration & technical support
  • Communication support (PR)
included $4,500
2,500 Enrollments
  • Complete set of certified OER courses for degree program
  • Draw from full Lumen catalog (incl. Candela and Waymaker)
  • Assistance putting sustainability strategy in place to continue after initial 2,500 enrollments
included $25,000 – $62,500
Discount: Waymaker Personalized Learning Courseware
  • 20% discount on Waymaker support fees after program is delivered
  • Pricing: $20 instead of $25 per student
included Extra $5 per student enrolled in Waymaker courses
CCCOER Membership
  • One year membership included
  • Community for promoting awareness & adoption of OER
included $750
Impact Study
  • Analysis of impact by the Open Education Group
included included
OER Degree Program Support Fee $35,000 $42,250 – $82,750