Open Courses Replace Commercial Textbooks

Lumen Learning publishes open courses to make it easier for faculty members to adopt and teach with open educational resources (OER). And to make education more affordable for thousands of students every year.

We offer free and open access to CC-BY-licensed open courses across a variety of high-enrollment subjects and disciplines. Open courses are effectively a complete textbook replacement. Each course includes a complete set of OER-based readings and sample assessments. All courses include some level of built-in video delivery and interaction. This is the starting point.

From there, instructors may teach the course as-is or further adapt the course structure and content to fit their teaching style and students’ needs.

Finding Open Courses

Check out our growing catalog of open courses in high-enrollment subjects. You can teach courses as-is or adapt them to fit your learning outcomes and instructional approach.Browse Open Courses

Creating Open Courses

We collaborate with faculty members to curate and map OER to student learning outcomes, all packaged as an online course. These open courses are reviewed, used and improved by faculty from multiple institutions.Browse Open Courses

Using Open Courses

Watch our video tutorials to orient you to Candela Open Courses and how to use them.Video Tutorials

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What subject would you like to teach using OER?

Check out our growing catalog of open courses in high-enrollment subjects.

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