Introducing Lumen Courseware

Lumen Learning courseware helps improve educational access, affordability and student success, simultaneously. 

Lumen provides a simple, supported path for faculty members to adopt and teach with open educational resources (OER). Students enjoy day one digital access to all course materials in their institution’s LMS. Lumen clients report recurring textbook cost savings of more than 90% every term. With textbook access and affordability issues resolved, it’s no surprise that Lumen clients routinely see measurable improvements in student success metrics such as passing rates and persistence.


Open Courseware Choices

Lumen Learning provides different courseware options, depending on what type of educational experience you want to offer.


Waymaker: Make Learning Personal

Waymaker combines open educational resources (OER) with personalized learning strategies to help students become better learners and to help instructors provide individualized outreach to those who need it most.Learn More

Candela: Solve Textbook Affordability

Candela courseware provides an extremely low cost e-book alternative to expensive commercial textbooks in high enrollment college courses. Much more than just an open textbook, Candela offers “value-added” OER. Learn More

OER Degrees: Create Systemic Change

OER degree programs yield textbook cost savings for students and a plethora of other benefits. Lumen Learning provides guidance and support for institutions and state systems pursuing this innovative path. Learn More

Accessing Lumen Courses

We make our OER-based Candela courses freely available online through our course catalog. Verified faculty and administrators can request access to curated instructor resources by contacting us at


Open Course Licensing

Open courses reflect the licensing of the source materials we use to create them. All Lumen contributions use a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Contributions of others are incorporated using the license they have selected.


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