The Course Design & Faculty Support Lead actively participates in designing, building, evaluating, and enhancing Lumen’s business courses; is the primary point of contact for Lumen’s business faculty customers; and provides support and development in the use of Lumen’s business products.

Position Objective

To collaboratively develop and improve Lumen business courses and provide remarkable support to Lumen’s customers to ensure that they are highly successful in adopting and using the company’s Waymaker and Candela courseware. The spectrum of business courses includes introduction to business, principles of management, and accounting.

Key Responsibilities

  • Using Lumen’s course design process, tools, and templates, create and enhance open courseware that supports consistent, effective student learning
    • Improve existing courses: review licensing, map and align learning outcomes, identify additional resources such as OER interactives; edit course content.
    • Develop new courses: adopt and adapt OER (course content, images, assessments, etc.), adding original content where needed. Work with instructional designer and faculty to develop cohesive, well-aligned courses.
  • Through our customer service platform, act as a support resource for faculty members
    • Provide timely response to all requests and questions, and timely resolution of issues
    • Demonstrate empathy, understanding the challenges of the faculty member and supporting each faculty member to do their best teaching
  • Train and educate faculty members in the use of open courseware that supports effective teaching and learning
    • Contribute to the creation of training materials to educate faculty on using our courseware
    • Deliver training materials to faculty, either remotely or via face-to-face workshops
  • Be an exceptional team member
    • Mentor other members of the Success team with the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained, and encourage others to share their expertise with you, so that the collective team can continue to grow and succeed
    • Demonstrate the company values in all interactions with employees, customers, partners, and community members
  • Participate in special projects identified by the Lumen team as opportunities to effect change at a single institution, across an entire system, or across the educational landscape
  • Participate in and facilitate the growth of the Lumen customer community, building meaningful connection points for faculty members who are seeking a peer community
  • The position may require occasional travel

Position Metrics

  1. Courses available to customers in alignment with customer timelines and course objectives
  2. Growth in adoption of Lumen courseware in alignment with plans and targets
  3. Qualitative feedback from faculty members and institutions on the quality of support provided
  4. Alignment of courses with Lumen course development process and best practices

Position Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Experience providing faculty support, faculty training, and/or instructional design
  • Experience using technology and the ability to use new programs and elearning tools (e.g., WordPress, Google docs)
  • Exceptional communication skills that make people love you and want to work with you more
  • The ability to hear, understand, analyze, and address issues
  • The ability and temperament to guide and support improved teaching and learning by faculty members (even those who are grumpy, resistant to change, overworked, or just done with it all)

Application Process

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to