Roadmap: Lumen Platform Features

Lumen Learning delivers courses designed using open educational resources (OER) through the Lumen Platform, a WordPress/Pressbooks-based platform that integrates with any major learning management system (LMS). The Lumen Platform includes some features that are available in all Lumen-supported courses, and other features that are available only in Waymaker personalized learning courses.

This page contains information about our roadmap for providing new features and capabilities in the Lumen Platform in the near future.

New Lumen Platform Features

The table below outlines new Lumen Platform features now available for fall 2016 courses. These features are available for use in both Candela and Waymaker courses from Lumen Learning.

Feature Description Delivery Timing
“Show Solution” textbox “Show Solution” text boxes pose questions and nudge students to practice solving problems as they work through course content. When the student clicks the “Show Solution” link, the text box expands to show the worked solution. Click here for an example. Already in place; available to add to new and existing courses
“Hover Over” When students hover the cursor over a glossary term, they see a pop-up definition of it. Terms and definition from each module can be aggregated easily into a module-level glossary. Same as above
Book Info: Credit Statement Course designers can acknowledge contributors and supporters in a prominent field at the top of the course’s Table of Contents page. Click here for an example. Same as above


To learn more about these new features and how to use them in Lumen-supported OER courses, check out Lumen’s Faculty User Guide, attend our OER Office Hours, or file a support ticket.


New Waymaker Features: Fall 2016

The table below outlines significant new features available in Waymaker personalized learning courses for fall 2016 and beyond. The purpose of these features is to strengthen student learning, metacognition and quality of faculty-student relationships in OER-based courses. 

Feature Description Delivery Timing
Personalized study plan As they work through learning activities, students receive individualized recommendations on where to focus based on their academic performance. Click here for an example.  Now available
In-course faculty training Waymaker courses will be delivered with a “how to” training module for instructors about configuring and using Waymaker courses. Now available
Aggregate view of class performance Instructors can view aggregate student performance for each learning outcome and average class quiz score. Beta now available
Quiz editing Instructors can easily add, edit and delete machine-graded assessment items. Now available
Progress bar Progress bar is a navigation tool to orient students about where they are in the sequence of activities associated with a learning outcome.   Now available
Student quiz results Students can view results of previous quiz attempts anytime. September
Student view of correct quiz answers User feedback influenced our decision to postpone displaying correct quiz answers for students until we can also give instructors the ability to turn this feature off or on. Postponed; delivery TBD
Print-optimized PDF

EPUB and PDF formats of course content are already available. Print-optimized PDF as a platform feature is delayed, but in the interim can be delivered as a custom service.

Postponed; delivery TBD


To learn more about these new features and how to use them, look for the Faculty Training module in your Waymaker course. Also, you can find information in Lumen’s Faculty User Guide, attend our OER Office Hours, or file a support ticket.