Open Outcomes: Successful Students

For students, open educational resources are about much more than just saving money. When instructors teach using Candela Open Courses, students have free digital access to all course materials on the first day of class. That means they can hit the ground running and fully engage from the start.

Here’s what else we’re seeing in Lumen-supported OER pilots and projects:

  • Passing rates: Student success rates in Lumen-supported open courses average 2-10% higher than for courses using commercial textbooks.
  • Student engagement: Because students have access to course content on day 1, they engage more rapidly and readily in the learning process. Many even step up to the challenge of modifying, enhancing and co-creating new OER.
  • Learning-optimized content: Combining open content and Lumen’s content analytics, we make it easier to incorporate success-enhancing content such as study aids, multimedia and culturally-relevant examples. We also help pinpoint where content improvements can boost student learning.
  • Quicker path-to-degree: Students are pursuing a quicker, cheaper path to degree completion, thanks to textbook cost savings.


“It’s Like a Party in My Classroom”

Is it any surprise that students love open educational resources? In this video, educators from colleges participating in the Lumen-supported Kaleidoscope Project discuss a multitude of ways OER make life better for their students.

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