OER combined with high-touch personalized learning tools aim to strengthen metacognition and student success.

  • Personalized study plans to guide students
  • Stronger student-instructor connection
  • Enriched OER course materials
  • Data-driven learning design

Video: What is Waymaker?

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Personalized study plans to guide students

Pre-tests, self-checks and quiz results generate personalized study plans that coach students on where to focus and how to improve learning.

Stronger student-instructor connection

Smart, efficient communication tools help teachers foster student engagement and nurture success.

Outcome-aligned course materials

Every reading, video, simulation, assignment and quiz question aligns with clearly-defined learning outcomes.

Data-driven learning design

Learning science insights shape Waymaker’s course structure and drive continuous improvements to content and learning tools.

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Leading OER Courses

Explore some of Lumen’s leading Waymaker OER courses in high-enrollment subjects.