Why Open?

Why does the principle of “open” matter to education? Because “openness” is about sharing. And sharing knowledge, feedback and ideas is absolutely essential to the act of education.

How does “open” benefit students? View this video featuring educators from Lumen-supported projects, explaining how open educational resources make learning – and life – much better for their students.

      The Power of Open

      Looking towards the future of education, openness will play a powerful role because it is the only means of doing education, according to Lumen Learning cofounder Dr. David Wiley, an advocate and innovator in the cause of open education for more than a decade.  You can capture his vision in this seminal talk from TEDxNYED.

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      Are you ready to go open?

      Whether you're just getting started or you're working to sustain the gains you've already made, we can help.

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