Cochise College OER

The following resources are collected as a part of an OER workshop for Cochise on March 24, 2017.

This interactive workshop will include a practical overview of the use of OER by providing a brief introduction to open licensing and open education. We’ll focus on open course design by aligning open content to learning outcomes and assessments. Attendees will have an opportunity to begin the development and design of an open course using methods to customize open educational resources.

Workshop participants should bring:

  1. Student learning outcomes for at least one course. If you are unsure which course to take on, it will be easiest to start with gateway courses that have higher enrollments like those collected in the Lumen catalog, which generally have more resources already curated and enhanced.
  2. Your best work. Many faculty members have augmented or moved away from only using traditional textbooks. You will likely want to incorporate your own assessments, study guides, presentation materials, writing and other materials into OER courses. Make sure you have access to your own materials so you can include them in your material review.
  3. Your questions about open educational resources. This is an interactive workshop where we will learn together about OER.

Workshop Materials

Materials here are available for all participants and they are licensed CC BY 4.0. If you have questions or trouble accessing any resources, please contact us at

Workshop Agenda

Paul’s slide deck 

Quill West’s Course Mapping Video

Lumen Learning’s catalog of open courses

College Success Sandbox Course

Lumen Learning’s Achieve the Dream Support

OER Course Development Support 

Faculty Collaboration Sessions

Lumen User Guide

Adoption Activities and Roles

Lumen Learning Support

Thank you for hosting us, Cochise!