Computer Applications (Technology)

Course Description

This course is aimed at beginning to intermediate computer users. It teaches a range of computer skills from the basics of using Windows to creating projects using Microsoft Office. Assignments show step-by-step visuals to help students complete projects.

This course is designed using Lumen’s innovative Waymaker personalization technologies to improve learning. Waymaker courses help students become better lifelong learners using personalized study plans to encourage practice and self-directed learning. Simple-to-use faculty messaging tools save time helping instructors identify and reach struggling students. Research shows Waymaker courses can eliminate the performance gap that often exists for disadvantaged students.

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Video: Course Walkthrough

  • Complete, customizable OER content to replace expensive textbooks in in-person, online and hybrid courses

  • Engaging learning activities invite hands-on exploration and practice

  • Interactive “try it” activities embedded throughout course

  • Customizable quizzes, self-checks, assignments, discussion forums, PPTs

  • LMS-integrated course materials with automatic gradebook sync

Course Module List: Computer Applications

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Internet Research (browsers, internet searches)
  • Microsoft Word, part 1 (orientation and basics)
  • Microsoft Word, part 2 (templates, text effects, document layout)
  • Microsoft Word, part 3 (tables, hyperlinks, watermarks)
  • Microsoft Excel, part 1 (orientation and basics)
  • Microsoft Excel, part 2 (data, functions, charts, formatting)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, part 1 (orientation and basics)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, part 2 (images, SmartArt, videos, objects)
  • Integration
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