Economics Assignment Library

This OER economics assignment library is a community site intended to house and share openly licensed assignments for micro and macroeconomics courses. These assignments are designed to work well with the Lumen Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses, but may be useful for anyone teaching economics. We welcome submissions of all types and encourage faculty to use, personalize, revise, and redistribute assignments. They may be quantitative or qualitative in nature, including discussions, projects, essays, problem sets, in-class materials, or more.

Some of the assignments and problem sets come with additional solutions and answer keys. To preserve academic integrity and prevent students from gaining unauthorized access to faculty resources, we verify each request manually. If interested, please complete the faculty course request here.

This library was developed by Lumen Learning, with contributions from Steve Greenlaw, Jennifer Pakula, and Jim Roberts.

This collection of assignments can be used together with both Waymaker and Candela versions of Lumen Learning’s Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.

Why Teach with Lumen Course Materials?

  • Replace expensive textbooks: Ready-to-adopt open educational resources (OER) include text, videos, simulations, self-checks, and other interactives.
  • Choose affordability: Low cost to students.
  • Use better content: Continuous, data-driven improvements make OER content more effective at supporting learning.
  • Simplify access: Easy access to course materials in your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle) plus automatic grade return.
  • Improve student outcomes: Research shows Lumen course materials can improve academic performance, passing rates, and course completion.


  • Save time: Start with curated, outcome-aligned OER and supplemental instructor resources like quiz banks, assignments, slide decks, etc. 
  • Customize your course: Freedom to tailor course content to fit your learning outcomes and instructional approach.
  • Enjoy awesome support: Faculty-friendly onboarding, training, and support. 

See OER pioneer David Wiley’s overviews of Lumen courseware.



  • Learn by doing: Online homework, self-check activities, and other interactive tools strengthen learning.
  • Engage from day one: Avoid falling behind with access course materials from the first day of class.
  • Retain materials: Download a digital copy of course content to keep forever.
  • Become a better learner: Real-time feedback guides students on where to focus and how to improve.

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