Engaging in a Circle

What it Means to Be in a Circle

The Lumen Circles experience is a unique opportunity. Listen to former Fellows describe their experience.

Want to know what it takes to be successful in a Lumen Circle? Former Fellows share their insights and suggestions in the Tips from Circle Fellows.

The Lumen Circles Week

The Circle week begins on Wednesday when you read and listen to the Notification from your Circle Facilitator which will outline the outcomes, activities, an assessment for learning for the week. By Friday evening you will complete the structured reflection by answering the questions posed and then moving to giving feedback to your peers. By Tuesday you will complete your conversations with your Circle, ensuring that you have closed the loop on any feedback given or received.

To help you manage your Fellowship responsibilities, you may receive periodic email reminders about a new week beginning or that activities that are due.

As a Lumen Circles Fellow, you have an opportunity to receive a Certificate of Effective Teaching Practice that recognizes your competency in using evidence-based instructional practices. Learn more.

Instructional Practices Inventory

The Instructional Practice Inventory checks on your familiarity with Evidence-Based Teaching Practices. You will page through the inventory where you will select your familiarity level with the practices organization by four themes: Supportive, Challenging, Varied, and Organized.

To gain a deeper understanding of the Instructional Practices Inventory, you can page through the images below to explore facets of the experience.

Using your Inventory Results

When you complete the Instructional Practices Inventory for the first time, you will receive a summary of suggested improvements in your teaching practice. They will be centered on the four themes, offering you a snapshot of your strengths and areas in need of enhancement. As you complete your weekly Explore , Reflect and Plan activities, you can reference your results and consider what steps to take to align with your teaching goals.

You will periodically re-take this inventory, analyzing your progress and data about your practice to help accelerate your growth.

  • Now that you have toured the Lumen Circles virtual learning community, you are ready to hone your expertise as a student-centered teacher. Look out for email messages from Lumen Circles and from your Facilitator about getting started with your Fellowship and Circle.

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