Prepare for your first day of class by copying OER course content from the Master OER Course into your individual Blackboard course shell(s).

Follow these steps:

1.  Log into MyEPCC and then into Blackboard and visit the OER Master Course for your discipline (contact Andy or Bob if you are unsure which course is the master).

2. Scroll down and select “Course Copy” under the left-hand side dropdown “Packages and Utilities.”

3. Under Destination Course ID, enter your CRN “ex 11111.201810” (do NOT use this CRN, it’s only a sample).

4. Below that, under Select Course Materials click the “Select All” button to ensure all content areas will be copied. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Submit.”

5. Wait a few minutes, then visit your individual CRN shells to verify the content is copied. A yellow message band at the top of your individual section will let you know the copy was complete.

If you have questions or run into issues with this process, reach out to Andy or Bob.