Joining a Circle

The first step in the Fellowship experience is to join a Circle. Each Circle focuses on effective teaching in specific areas such as:

  • Online Teaching Foundation

  • Evidence-based Teaching

  • Evidence-based Teaching with Lumen Courseware

  • Teaching with OER & Open Pedagogy

  • Active Learning

This extended experience empowers you to develop your instructional practice with support from a peer community. Typically your Circle will include 10-12 other faculty as well as a Facilitator who will support and guide you through the Fellowship.

How Do Lumen Circles Work?

  • Set goals. Identify how you want to develop your teaching practice.

  • Build skills. Expand your teaching repertory, learn to work smarter, and deepen your understanding of effective practices.

  • Teach and reflect. Apply what you’re learning, consider how it’s working for your students and where to improve.

  • Share in your circles. Connect with peers, exchange feedback, and collect new ideas.

  • Recognize growth and progress. Track progress towards goals as you incorporate new practices.

Circular formation of six illustrated icons denoting aspects of teaching and learning: the mind, human connections, learning tools, teachers sharing information with students

Let’s hear about joining a Lumen Circle from facilitators and former fellows.

Reflection: Make Space to Think about Teaching

As you heard from the video, central to the fellowship is the opportunity to reflect on your instructional practice while pursuing specific goals about how you’d like to expand your capabilities. Let’s practice by exploring your current approach to teaching with the following short questionnaire.

Now you know what it means to join a Lumen Circle, we suggest taking a tour of the virtual learning community where your Circle activities take place.

Touring a Circle