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The following resources are collected as a part of the collaboration between Open SUNY Textbooks and Lumen Learning.

Materials here are available for all participants. Please keep in mind that edits made to any document are visible to all participants.

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Hands-On OER Hackathon: Discover, Evaluate, Remix

24 Feb 2016 | Open SUNY COTE Summit

Selected Resources for OER Discovery

SUNY OER Services

In June 2016, the Open SUNY Textbook Project (OST) announced a new set of OER services it will provide to the SUNY community in partnership with Lumen Learning. These services include assistance, collaboration, training and technology to help broaden the effective use of open educational resources (OER) across the SUNY system. For more information, you can read the full announcement and contact OST about SUNY OER Services.