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Use the OER Adoption Impact Calculator to explore different ways OER can make a meaningful difference to your institution, faculty, and students.

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The published research literature suggests that adopting OER can have a range of positive impacts on students, faculty, and campus. While that reassurance is encouraging, it can be difficult to understand how specific research findings might play out on a specific campus.

Use the OER Adoption Impact Calculator to anticipate how OER adoption can impact your institution, faculty, and student outcomes. Adjust the settings on the left to match your institutional context. As you change the settings the values in the infographic on the right will update in real time. 

Some Strategies:

  1. Estimate cost savings. The calculator can help you estimate the amount of money students on your campus will save from your OER adoption initiatives.
  2. Estimate changes in student success measures. The calculator can help you estimate changes in student success attributable to your OER adoption initiatives.
  3. Estimate changes in institutional revenue. The calculator can help you estimate changes in institutional revenue attributable to your OER adoption initiatives, includes new cost and revenue sources you may not have considered.

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