Courseware for Retail Management Curriculum courses:

Priced at $25/enrolled student

Recommended by the WAFC, Lumen Learning courses combine affordability with outstanding learning design. Your students will learn more effectively using Lumen’s engaging, interactive content, current case studies, and pedagogical focus on learning by doing. Personalized study plans and messaging help both traditional and non-traditional students become better learners.

When you choose low-cost, high-quality course materials, students are more likely to complete your Retail Management Certificate courses and programs successfully.

Lumen course materials are available to be adopted by individual instructors or at the department level. They provide all the resources needed to teach the course with the flexibility for you to teach your way. Scroll down to learn more!

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“The WAFC worked closely with Lumen Learning and several of our community college partners to ensure that the curriculum for all eight Retail Management Certificate courses is closely aligned with the required learning outcomes. As a result, we strongly encourage our community college partners to review the Lumen Learning courseware.” Cherie Phipps, Retail Management Certificate Director

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Designed using open educational resources (OER), Lumen’s Waymaker courses are mobile-friendly and accessible, offering great learning design at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks. Select a course to preview content and learn more. Or visit Lumen’s public course catalog.

Help Your Students Become Better Learners with Waymaker

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Take a short self-guided walkthrough of Waymaker to see how Lumen Learning courseware can save your students money and change the way they learn.

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Many non-traditional students enter retail management programs and struggle to find their footing in an academic setting.

Lumen Learning’s Waymaker courses help them become better learners using personalized study plans and interactive activities to practice and apply learning. User-friendly faculty messaging tools save time for instructors by identifying struggling students and making it very simple to offer targeted help.

Research shows using these tools can increase student engagement, persistence, and completion rates.

  • Fully replace expensive textbooks

  • Flexible so instructors can teach the course their way

  • Personalized study plans

  • Frequent practice and feedback

  • Digital course materials, learning activities, and assessments

  • Real-time feedback

  • Time-saving tools to deepen faculty-student connections

  • Data-driven improvements to strengthen learning

  • Seamless LMS integration

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Lumen provides a simple, well-supported path for faculty to teach with open educational resources inside your LMS

  • Resolves textbook access/affordability for students

  • Customizable materials instructors can use as-is or adapt to fit their needs

  • Better student outcomes validated by research

Lumen Learning FAQs

Why are Lumen course materials so affordable?

Lumen courses are designed using open educational resources (OER)–learning materials that reside in the public domain or are licensed to allow them to be freely used and repurposed by others. Because our content doesn’t rely on the traditional (expensive) textbook model, we can offer very cost-effective course materials to faculty and students. We can also make quick, timely updates without waiting for multi-year publishing cycles.

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Are Lumen course materials accessible?

Yes. Lumen courseware aims to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) Level AA Success Criteria, a standard that meets or surpasses requirements for Section 508 compliance. Standard design features include text readability via screen readers; alt-text for every image; quality captioning and transcripts for every video or multimedia piece; and text alternatives for interactives and simulations.

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How much do Lumen course materials cost?

Standard pricing for Lumen’s Waymaker courses is $25 per enrolled student. Select a payment option that works best for you and your students: via a course materials fee, an activation code purchased at the campus bookstore store, or an annualized institutional fee.

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Do Lumen courses work with my LMS?

Lumen supports simple, seamless integration with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle. Students and faculty can access Lumen course materials through your institution’s learning management system. Waymaker and OHM courses also offer automatic grade return for built-in quizzes and graded assessments.

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What courses is Lumen courseware available for?

Lumen provides great course materials designed using OER for 50+ subjects across multiple disciplines. We focus on introductory courses, general education, and developmental education.

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What does Lumen offer?