[title size=”2″]Supported Open Courses[/title] Supported Open Courses provide sustained support for institutions and instructors as they transition high-demand courses to open educational resources. These services include: OER-Based Exemplar Courses. Management of a complete set of exemplar courses that can be adopted by any faculty member in the system

  • Where faculty members have adopted different yet effective resources sets for a single course, there will be multiple exemplar courses

Course Enhancements. Annual enhancements to the open courses based on:

  • Monitoring and inclusion of newly-released OER where applicable
  • Analysis of usage and learning data to identify and address opportunities to improve learning
  • Fresh content and/or examples to ensure course materials are up-to date and aligned with current research and application within the discipline

Hosting of Open Content. Hosting of all openly-licensed content elements to ensure that they are persistently available to faculty and students

  • Hosting of online homework systems for quantitative course
  • Support for single sign-on integration with the learning management system

Faculty Training, Support and Professional Development. Training and support services from Lumen Learning’s OER expert team, as well as participation in Lumen’s rapidly-growing and collaborative OER community

  • Training, support and orientation resources for new faculty including “Getting Started” webinars at the start of each term
  • Online support for faculty members in addressing questions and requests related to the open resources and materials
  • Support includes assistance with locating and evaluating high quality OER, maintaining current licensing and attribution, instructional design, and strategies for student engagement with open content
  • Sharing of best practices, content enhancements and innovations across the community
  • Opportunities for learning, collaboration and networking across the open education community