You are a hero!

Thank you for your work so far with Open Educational Resources (OER) on behalf of students and faculty at your college and beyond!

If you haven't already, read the directions for how to prepare your OER course for sharing.

If you have questions about OER at VCCS, the Zx23 program, or any part of this process, please ask us at Lumen Learning, VCCS’s OER support partner, using our online support request.

  • Please use your official college email so we can be sure we are working with faculty or staff.
  • At what VCCS college did you develop and teach this course?
  • What is the VCCS course number and title of the course you are sharing (eg, ENG 111 College Composition I)?
  • In which academic term did/will you start offering this course to students at your college?
  • If needed, say more about the sources for materials and activities that your course uses.
  • Upload a Blackboard course package export (or other .zip archive) for your course. If you haven't already, read the directions.
    Accepted file types: zip.