Product Demonstration Videos: Lumen OER Courseware

See what Lumen OER courseware is all about in these short product demonstration videos, and how it works with learning management systems like Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle.


Personalized Learning Courseware

Waymaker courseware helps students exercise their metacognitive muscles with personalized study plans and interactive activities to practice and apply learning. Research shows Waymaker’s data-driven learning design and messaging tools can increase student engagement, persistence, and completion rates.


Online Homework Manager OER for Math

Lumen’s OHM is a flexible math homework engine with instructional text and video, algorithmically-generated assessments, machine grading, and immediate feedback for students. OHM courseware works well for math and other quantitative subjects. Course content may include editable and/or static (PDF) text options.


eTextbook Replacement

Candela courseware provides curated OER in e-book format. Although these course materials don’t include some of the more sophisticated learning tools that increase student learning and engagement, full edit privileges allow course designers to shape the content to fit their learning outcomes, instructional approach, and so forth.