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We’re honored to partner with Utah Valley University and Glendale Community College.

What are Lumen OER Courses?

Lumen Learning uses open educational resources (OER) to create well-designed, highly-effective digital course materials for general education and high-enrollment college courses. For a low-cost support fee, we provide complete OER course materials with LMS integration, automatic grade return, content customization, personalized learning tools, technical and faculty support. Free, unsupported versions of our OER courses are available through our website.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, 125,000 students at over 150 colleges and universities used Lumen-supported OER course materials, saving an estimated $11.9 million on textbook costs.

Which OER courses are available for your institution?

Lumen’s Course Catalog includes 60+ courses in a variety of subject areas, focused on high-enrollment general education courses. . You have access to the entire catalog.

How can I learn more?

Course List: Download Lumen’s course list to see what subjects we cover.

Request for Info Form: You can use this form or the button below to ask questions and request more information about OER courses available to Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.

Lumen’s Course Catalog: Visit Lumen’s Course Catalog to view free versions of Lumen-supported OER courses.

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Lumen offers three different types of course packages, WaymakerOHM, and Candela.

Lumen Waymaker

OER combined with high-touch personalized learning tools aim to strengthen metacognition and student success.

✓ Time-saving messaging tools to deepen student-instructor connections

✓ Personalized study plans to guide students

✓ Enriched OER course materials

✓ Data-driven learning design

Download: Waymaker Feature Guide

Lumen OHM

Designed by educators, Lumen Online Homework Manager (OHM) draws from thousands of interactive assessment questions to help students master math and other quantitative skills.

✓ Digital homework system for hands-on practice

✓ Customizable courses

✓ Immediate feedback for students

✓ Use with online, blended and emporium classes

Download:  OHM Feature Guide

Overview: Lumen OHM

Lumen Candela

With a variety of course materials, Candela is more than just a textbook — it’s an extremely affordable alternative to expensive textbooks at the college level.

✓ Open educational resources for 60+ courses

✓ Curated open content

✓ Access for every student

✓ Fully customizable learning materials

Download: Candela Course Catalog

Overview: Lumen Candela