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Lumen is a young, growing company looking for developers to help realize Lumen’s platform vision and help evolve a remarkable product and development team and culture. We are doing something that has not been done [...]

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Join the team at Lumen Learning

Lumen is a small company that is growing rapidly, proudly based in Portland, Oregon. We are doing something that has not been done before. Each member of our team needs to be able to assess the needs of customers, the education community, and other Lumen team members and collaborate to develop new approaches and solutions that move our mission and our company forward. Every day our work requires creativity, discipline, teamwork and immense flexibility.

Lumen’s company mission is to dramatically and measurably improve success of all students, with an emphasis on disadvantaged students.

Our lofty vision is to serve 10 million students by 2018 creating:

  • An improved teaching and learning experience for 10 million students

  • $1 billion in textbook savings that can be returned to students

  • 100,000 more students successfully completing courses

Lumen Company Values

The company values define how we work with customers and with each other to create the successful long-term relationships that support Lumen’s success, and our personal success as team members.


We genuinely care. We care about our mission. We care about the people who share our mission. We care about our students and faculty members who often have the deck stacked against them. We care about each other. We give our best.


We see possibilities and we share them with others. We take on problems that others might skirt, and we solve them. We find new ways to accomplish the impossible. We see the potential in everyone around us.


We help people to be their best. We lend a hand to push or pull others forward. We give what we have, and when we need more we convince others to join us. When we see someone do their best and it isn’t quite enough, we support and encourage.


We are successful, and we celebrate success. We build on successes. We learn from successes. Sometimes we fail, but we learn what we must do to improve results and we try again to succeed. We deliver against commitments that define success.


When we don’t know, we seek to learn. We admit failure and do what we can to make it right. We express gratitude.


We share openly, knowing that others will build upon and expand the impact of our work. We contribute resources, knowledge and expertise to the commons.


People count on us. We count on each other. We deliver because that’s what we do and because it is core to our other values.