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Identify areas where your institution wants to make an impact with OER, including impact points that motivate key stakeholders to engage (such as student success, textbook cost savings, or academic ownership). Set near, medium, and long term goals for OER adoption and impact, and identify how you will […]


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Develop a plan for how you will measure progress towards goals, informed by existing tools like the OER Adoption Research Guidebook to ensure you’re measuring in ways that help you understand overall impact.

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Use the OER Adoption Impact Calculator to explore different ways OER can make a meaningful difference to your institution, faculty, and students. See More Plays Back to Playbook Home Ask a Lumen Expert

Running the Play

The published research literature suggests […]

Open Content Blog: Thinking About Impact

By David Wiley, Chief Academic Officer

Originally posted on the blog, February 9, 2018 

In the spirit of iterating toward openness, I’ve recently had the opportunity to revisit some of my earlier thinking about how to measure the impact of OER-related work. Some of this seemed interesting enough that I thought I would share.

I have […]

An Impactful Year for OER and Learning

By Kim Thanos, CEO

As we celebrate Open Education Week 2018, I can’t help but reflect and acknowledge it’s an exciting time to be working with open educational resources (OER).

Reviewing what we accomplished last year collectively across all the institutions we support, we’re proud to announce that we […]