We’re pleased to announce a new course now available in our catalog: Financial Accounting.

This new course is available in Lumen’s affordable Online Homework Manager (OHM) platform, which replaces expensive textbooks and online homework systems by blending innovative learning design with high-quality open educational resources (OER) to increase student learning and success at an affordable price ($25).

In the Financial Accounting OHM course, students learn basic accounting principles that prepare them for a career in business and is the first course in preparing to become an accountant. This course introduces accounting principles in the context of a sole-proprietorship and builds upon the basics, from debits and credits to accounting for payroll to analysis of financial statements using actual publicly traded companies. Starting out with sole-proprietorships and gradually moving to corporate accounting is one way this course is built to ensure student success. Subject matter expert and author Joe Cooke, Business Department Chair at Santa Fe Community College explains, “We started with sole proprietorships rather than with corporations because that can be really complicated for students. We want to start simple and build in complexity.”

This course also includes an optional module focused on “personal accounting,” which helps students make connections in financial accounting between their business and personal lives.

OHM Financial Accounting is a great fit for the many institutions and programs that have shifted towards remote instruction. Thoughtful, evidence-based learning design and a digital-first flexible format make OHM course materials effective in online, face-to-face, and hybrid modalities. The course can also be used in terms or semesters of various lengths. Careful attention to content and platform accessibility ensures the course works well for individuals with varying abilities. Together these measures reduce uncertainty for instructors as they work through the impact of COVID-19 on course design and instruction

In developing the course materials, the Lumen team and authors wanted interactive, online, real-time text where the problem sets were built into the text and the course was flexible and easy to implement so any instructor could adopt it. Plus, a course that’s affordable for the students.

Check out the course in our catalog for more information and to preview the complete course content and materials.

Access to Financial Accounting

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