We’re pleased to announce a new course now available in our catalog: Public Speaking.

This new course is available in Lumen’s affordable Waymaker platform, which replaces expensive textbooks using a combination of open education resources (OER) and personalized learning tools aimed to strengthen metacognition and student success. 

In the Public Speaking Waymaker course, students will gain essential communication skills including listening and feedback, audience analysis, research and information literacy, and ethics. It offers practical advice about making one’s voice heard (literally and figuratively) and introduces students to the major speech types, including informative, persuasive, and special occasion speeches. 

Course Product Manager John Urang explains, “In our current world, the capacity to engage in ethical and effective public communication is more necessary than ever. We’ve designed this course to help each student develop a public voice with confidence, awareness, and integrity.”

Because Public Speaking is taught differently by each instructor, this course is flexible and adaptable to fit different teaching styles and cover desired course outcomes. We developed a Pacing Guide which lays out the modular structure of the course to help instructors who want to adopt. 

What makes this Public Speaking course unique and effective?

  • New content that speaks to current scenarios of public communication including and emphasizing virtual presentations and digital communication.
  • Videos embedded throughout the course to reinforce content and highlight key presentation skills.
  • A 5-part capstone speech project that walks students through the process of choosing, researching, writing, rehearsing and delivering a speech. 
  • A section on the Evolution of Public Speaking provides a tour of some of the key moments and figures in the evolution of public speaking in various cultures throughout the world.

Check out this new course in our catalog for more information and to preview the complete course content and materials.

Access to Public Speaking

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