Schedule regular windows when members of your campus community can come to you, ask questions, and get help for teaching with OER.

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Why OER Office Hours? Office Hours often work for students because it’s an time when they can come to meet with a faculty member informally, ask questions, and get help. The same principle applies when you’re working to help faculty members get acquainted with OER, learn what it’s about, and give it a try.

Start by marking off regular times on your calendar when you and other OER champions can be available for OER Office Hours. Let your campus community know about this resource and how they can take advantage of it.

It can be tempting to hold OER Office Hours where you work with the hopes that people will stop by to chat with you. A desk and a computer are all you need to create a space for impromptu conversations. What about changing locations to meet faculty where they are?


  • Schedule weekly drop-in mobile office hours near each department during hours when faculty hold their own office hours.
  • Set up a desk in a well-trafficked area where faculty have to walk past you. This might invite them to ask you questions, and you can talk to them.
  • Create a small easily portable sign to let people know you’re there for OER Office Hours. Your sign can also become a conversation piece.  
  • Make time to meet with adjuncts who teach in the evening and on the weekend. Most adjuncts are not paid for office hours, so it can be hard to reach them. Research the evening adjunct teaching schedule and seek them out for conversation by inviting them to your office hours.  

Ideally, you should schedule office hours near every department once a week during the term. Keep the agenda loose. Be ready to answer all sorts of questions, demo a course, and help people get their hands on actual OER so they can see what it’s really about.

Most importantly, look available for conversation! Don’t sit there and check email. Greet people, chat, and engage with everyone who walks by including students. Over time, you might find a new champion or new ideas for your project.

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