OER = Affordable Corequisite Math

Corequisite learning is a promising new direction for increasing student achievement in math. Using Lumen OHM and open educational resources (OER), we want to help you create affordable, simple-to-use corequisite courses that improve teaching and learning for your faculty and students.

Join the Lumen OHM OER Corequisite Math Pilot to

  • Collaborate with fellow teachers and Lumen OHM experts
  • Explore and apply corequisite course design strategies
  • Work on your timeline
  • Meet state requirements for corequisite enrollment targets
  • Make iterative improvements to strengthen learning
Yes, I’m interested

Click on the blue button to join Lumen’s Corequisite OER Math Pilot or request more information.

Pilot Program Benefits

Curricular Control: Flexible template courses you can customize to fit your preferred corequisite structure and pedagogy.

On Campus Workshop: A full-day course design workshop to set goals, assist with course set-up, assessment design and customization, and explore how OHM can support teaching strategies for coreq classrooms.

Expert Consultation: Collaboration with fellow educators and Lumen OHM experts as needed to achieve your objectives for course content, assessments, learning design, and student engagement.

Instructor Onboarding (especially adjuncts): Training and onboarding activities to ensure every instructor is equipped for success, particularly faculty members with little time to spend on course preparation.

Feedback and Iterative Improvement: Periodic checkpoints with course designers and teaching faculty to provide feedback and develop recommendations for ongoing improvement to course content, structure, and the learning experience.

Efficacy Research and Solution Validation: Learning data analysis in conjunction with the Open Education Research Group to understand student outcomes for your OER Corequisite Math Pilot.

Joint Conference Presentation: Opportunity to share experiences, outcomes, and lessons learned at a MATYC or other higher education-focused conference.

What’s Lumen OHM?

Lumen Online Homework Manager (OHM) is a flexible math homework engine with instructional text and video, algorithmically-generated assessments, machine grading, and immediate feedback for students.

OHM is simple to use for faculty and students. It integrates well with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle. OHM compares favorably to MyLabs Math and WebAssign in cost and the ability to customize for your classroom needs.

What you bring to the table

  • Minimum of two instructors teaching corequisite math courses with Lumen OHM in fall 2018
  • Collaboration on student outcome analysis using anonymized learning data (drop/withdrawal rates, passing rates, grades, demographics) to validate solution efficacy

2018 Course Focus

The Corequisite OER Math Pilot Program for fall 2018 focuses on:

  • College Algebra + Intermediate Algebra
  • Introductory Statistics + Intermediate Algebra
  • Math for Liberal Arts + Intermediate Algebra

What’s the cost?

Item Cost
Pilot-related services package (workshop, consultation, training, research, etc.) $12,500  free to approved partners
Lumen OHM course support fee (platform access with OER content, LMS integration, online homework system, technical & faculty support) $25 per enrolled student                                   


Share your questions on this form, or contact our Director of Teaching & Learning, Alyson Indrunas ( with questions about the Lumen OHM Corequisite OER Math Pilot.