By Julie Curtis, VP Strategy & Communication

Despite huge disruption and uncertainty in the world generally and in higher education specifically, Lumen Learning is continuing to move forward with new course development, updates, and improvements focused on strengthening learning using open educational resources (OER). Recent global events reinforce our commitment to providing effective and affordable course materials to help students succeed.

We’re excited to share updates about new additions to our catalog and major course releases planned for the remainder of 2020. Lumen’s OER course materials are always available via our public catalog, as well as via our Waymaker and OHM courseware products (delivered right into your LMS).

New Course Sequence: Waymaker Introductory Spanish I & II

We’re excited to announce our new course offerings for Spanish: Waymaker Introductory Spanish I and Introductory Spanish II. Spanning a full academic year of introductory Spanish, this “remixable” sequence gives instructors the freedom to reorder course content and select what fits their learning outcomes and preferred course structure. Course materials cover thematic vocabulary and sequenced grammar instruction and offer numerous self-check drills and exercises, open-form communicative activities, scaffolded writing assignments, and reading passages exploring various aspects of life and culture in the Spanish-speaking world.

Learn more about Introductory Spanish I and Introductory Spanish II.

Course Update: Waymaker Writing Skills Lab

We’ve updated Waymaker Writing Skills Lab, a learning tool for writing and research courses, such as English Composition. Writing Skills Lab modules focus on the rhetorical content and strategies that are the baseline of effective college writing, including common trouble spots for students, such as active reading, grammar and readability, academic argument, and use of sources.

Emphasizing hands-on practice, Writing Skills Lab was designed in collaboration with the University of Mississippi Writing & Rhetoric Department to address academic preparedness gaps by helping all students get to a common level of readiness for writing at the college level. According to Audrey Fisch, an English professor at New Jersey City University, “The range of student skills in a composition course is challenging, and Waymaker allows me to ensure baseline knowledge for everyone.”

Learn more about the updated Writing Skills Lab Waymaker course.

What else is coming?

Here’s what else is coming throughout 2020 on Lumen’s course roadmap:

  • OHM Corequisite Math for Liberal Arts / Quantitative Reasoning (May 2020)
  • Waymaker Corequisite English Composition I (June 2020)
  • Waymaker Developmental Math Emporium (July 2020)
  • Waymaker Financial Accounting (November 2020)
  • Waymaker Public Speaking (December 2020)
  • Waymaker Abnormal Psychology (December 2020)

These new catalog additions are important milestones for the Lumen Team. Please contact us with any questions.