Colleges and universities across SUNY are working together to use Open Educational Resources (OER) to lower textbook costs and make it easier for students to access learning materials and at the same time empower faculty to choose and shape learning materials to match their teaching needs.

SUNY OER Services

In June 2016, the Open SUNY Textbook Project (OST) announced a new set of OER services it will provide to the SUNY community in partnership with Lumen Learning. These services include assistance, collaboration, training and technology to help broaden the effective use of open educational resources (OER) across the SUNY system. For more information, you can read the full announcement and contact OST about SUNY OER Services.

SUNY Colleges’ OER Course Catalogs

The following SUNY schools are publishing catalogs of their OER courses to give everyone the chance to review and adopt the course materials they are using:

We are also considering a different kind of catalog view of published SUNY OER courses. The example below links to example courses.