Why We’re Effective

We use learning data to make OER course materials better and better at supporting student learning.

A Framework for Continuously Improving OER

Lumen’s research method and process for identifying where and how to improve OER content, to make the greatest impact on learning. Read more >

Learning Challenges Leaderboards

RISE visualization of Microeconomics

Which learning outcomes do students struggle with the most because OER content isn’t doing its job to support learning? View the Leaderboards for popular Lumen OER courses. Read More >

The RISE & Shine Initiative

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Join us in the journey of improving learning by improving OER content. Become part of RISE & Shine, a community-based research activity. Read more >

How We Make a Difference

For Faculty

Take charge of your curriculum

  • Seamlessly integrates into your current LMS

  • Access digital content and supplemental materials with ease
  • Complete customizable courses in 50+ subjects

For Students

Track struggles and success

  • Eliminates expensive textbook costs
  • Easy access to course materials
  • Immediate feedback for learning improvement

For Learning

Make a Measurable Impact

  • Documented increases in passing and completion rates
  • Engineered learning design
  • Data-driven continuous improvements to course materials


A Framework for Continuous Improvement of OER

By David Wiley, Chief Academic Officer The potential of the "data revolution" in teaching and learning, just as in other sectors, is to create much more timely feedback loops for tracking the effectiveness of a [...]

Students Save Thousands Using OER

Providing academic research to back up claims about cost savings attributed to open educational resources, this study documents the textbook cost to students before and after OER adoption at eight institutions in a variety [...]

OER Impacts Student Success Metrics

This extensive, multi-institution study provides evidence that students in OER courses perform as well as or better than students in courses using commercial textbooks with regard to withdrawal rates, passing with a C or better, [...]

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Success Stories

Odessa College Fuels Student Success with OER Courseware

Open educational resources (OER) play a central role in Odessa College’s relentless efforts to remove obstacles to student success. Partnering with Lumen Learning to provide state-of-the-art OER courseware designed to strengthen learning for at-risk students, Odessa [...]

Salt Lake Community College

    At Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), students in classes that use Lumen-supported OER course materials have higher passing rates, more A’s and fewer failing grades than classes that use expensive commercial publisher materials. [...]

  • Research shows more students persist and pass Waymaker courses, compared to those who do not use Waymaker.

Looking for Learning Impact

By Kim Thanos, CEO January is a natural time for reflection: How are we doing? What impact are we making? What can we do differently and better in the new year? And what does impact [...]

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