Institutions use OER-based Lumen OHM on a wide scale to improve affordability, access, and student success

Portland, Ore. (March 21, 2018) – According to Lumen Learning, 2018-2019 will be a record year for college math departments moving away from traditional publishers’ expensive online textbook packages and towards Lumen OHM, a math homework solution designed using open educational resources (OER). Affordability and ease of migration are primary drivers of this exodus. Students often save $100 or more compared to pricier offerings from Pearson and Cengage. Faculty can set up a ready-to-teach course in minutes, complete with robust learning management system (LMS) integration and algorithmic problem generation. Lumen OHM makes it simple to shift away from products many students can’t afford or access.   

Read more about how Salt Lake Community College, Southeast Missouri State University, SUNY, and others are using Lumen OHM and OER in the full announcement.