English Composition I Corequisite

This course is a comprehensive English Composition course, covering all of the essential content about the writing process, rhetorical styles, and writing successfully for college, with extra support students may need to write at the college level. Every module includes “Writing Workshop” labs that walk students through targeted skills and provide additional practice in areas where students commonly struggle. Students cover the same learning outcomes and work on the same assignments found in the English Composition I course, but have the extra support they need.

This course is designed to accompany English Composition 1. The content from both courses is combined and delivered seamlessly as one course into your LMS.


Brief Table of Contents

There are 12 modules and each includes a Writing Workshop module. The modules can easily be customized, re-arranged, or deleted.

  • Module 1: Success Skills + Writing Workshop: Success Skills
  • Module 2: Reading Strategies + Writing Workshop: Reading Strategies
  • Module 3: Writing Essentials + Writing Workshop: Writing Essentials
  • Module 4: Writing in College + Writing Workshop: Writing in College
  • Module 5: Grammar Essentials + Writing Workshop: Grammar Essentials
  • Module 6: The Writing Process + Writing Workshop: The Writing Process
  • Module 7: The Writing Process—Revising and Proofreading + Writing Workshop: The Writing Process—Revising and Proofreading
  • Module 8: Analysis and Synthesis + Writing Workshop: Analysis and Synthesis
  • Module 9: Academic Argument + Writing Workshop: Academic Argument
  • Module 10: Research—Finding and Evaluating Sources + Writing Workshop: Research—Finding and Evaluating Sources
  • Module 11: Research—Using Sources + Writing Workshop: Research—Using Sources
  • Module 12: Grammar Basics + Writing Workshop: Grammar Basics

Instructor Resources include Powerpoints with in-class activities, Assignments and Discussions, Question Banks, a Pacing Guide, and Offline Access.

Additional Course Features

These course materials include:

  • Waymaker: User-friendly Waymaker learning tools improve success for at-risk students with personalized study plans, automated study tips and nudges, and early alerts to identify and help struggling students. Request access to Waymaker in your LMS.
  • Outcome-aligned OER: Designed to replace expensive textbooks, this course curates open educational resources (OER) aligned with learning outcomes. Teach as-is or customize to fit your needs.
  • LMS Integration: This course may be delivered with seamless LMS integration and automatic grade return for Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle.
  • Accessibility: Lumen is 100% committed to providing learning materials that are accessible to all learners. Lumen course materials are mobile-friendly.

Developed By

  • Audrey Fisch, New Jersey City University
  • Laura Alyse Leininger, Collin College
  • Barbara Egel, City Colleges of Chicago
  • Adrienne Kaufmann, Chattanooga State
  • Lauren Foster, Germanna Community College
  • Lisa Weinberger, University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Marcella Lapriore, Los Medanos College
  • Claire Brantley
  • Scott Barr
  • Alison Arntsen
  • Greg Melville

Teaching with Lumen Course Materials

  • Replace expensive textbooks: Ready-to-adopt open educational resources (OER) include text, videos, simulations, self-checks, and other interactives.
  • Choose affordability: Low cost to students.
  • Use better content: Continuous, data-driven improvements make OER content more effective at supporting learning.
  • Simplify access: Easy access to course materials in your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle) plus automatic grade return.
  • Improve student outcomes: Research shows Lumen course materials can improve academic performance, passing rates, and course completion.


  • Save time: Start with curated, outcome-aligned OER and supplemental instructor resources like quiz banks, assignments, slide decks, etc. 
  • Customize your course: Freedom to tailor course content to fit your learning outcomes and instructional approach.
  • Enjoy awesome support: Faculty-friendly onboarding, training, and support. 

See OER pioneer David Wiley’s overviews of Lumen courseware.



  • Learn by doing: Online homework, self-check activities, and other interactive tools strengthen learning.
  • Engage from day one: Avoid falling behind with access course materials from the first day of class.
  • Retain materials: Download a digital copy of course content to keep forever.
  • Become a better learner: Real-time feedback guides students on where to focus and how to improve.

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