Use this play to:

Identify charismatic spokespeople whose enthusiasm for OER is contagious, and who are willing to share their experiences and motivate others to try OER.

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Running the Play

If you’re reading this play, most people on your campus look to you for leadership about OER. You most likely need help! This play gives you a few strategies to build an effective team of spokespeople on your campus. Think of this as opportunity to elevate other peoples’ work while building momentum for your own strategic vision.

Start by asking your trusted champions to tell you about people who are doing good work on your campus with OER. Who is using OER in creative ways? Who is just getting started and is full of enthusiasm? Which support staff are enthusiastic advocates of open education? Which librarians are the best at working with faculty?

Gather names from various levels of your organization and put together a small panel of speakers to present at a local conference. The time that you’ll spend together preparing for the conference proposal, and hopefully the future presentation, will give you a chance to bond.

After the presentation, what about setting up opportunities for this group to speak on campus without you? The next time you’re asked to speak about OER, invite one of your spokespeople to speak in your place. In order for this play to work effectively, you’ll need to organize people in the behind-the-scenes and promote their work.


  • Seek new colleagues to speak at a local conference with you
  • Send personal invitations to people to support you during a presentation about OER such as a board meeting or departmental meeting
  • Collaborate on a common message that meets the goals of both the administration, faculty, or support
  • Promote their work to your superiors and leaders

Helpful Resources

    • Guidelines for speaking with the media about OER, developed by GMMB for the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Open Education Community
    • A set of proof points grounded in research about the benefits of OER to improve affordability, access, and learning

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr. on Unsplash