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Virtual meeting or workshop to introduce faculty to Lumen OER course materials, resources, and support to make the transition to OER smooth and successful.

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Running the Play

Helping people understand how easy it is to transition to OER will be key in getting support for your initiatives. Lumen provides several tools to help you convey to stakeholders how easy it is to get started with OER:

This overview slide deck can help you introduce Lumen’s platform and services. The deck covers the following aspects that often come up in presentations where institutions are looking to start and expand their efforts with OER:

  • What is OER, and who is Lumen? Slides 1-6 of the attached deck cover Lumen’s background, the Hewlett Foundation definition of OER, and how exactly Lumen invests in OER.
  • Why should we partner with Lumen? Slides 7-9 cover results seen from Lumen’s courseware, as well as an example of one of the messaging tool interventions from Waymaker. This will help you underscore the need to pair outcomes-aligned OER content with thoughtful courseware designed to improve learning.
  • What courseware does Lumen offer? Slides 10-16 cover the three courseware types available via Lumen, Waymaker, OHM (Online Homework Manager for Math), and Candela. Accessibility and LMS integration — two key elements that help ease the transition to OER — are also covered.
  • How will Lumen help us get started, and what are the next steps? Slides 17-20 discuss the process of working with Lumen to transition a course to OER, along with links to the course catalog where faculty can begin to review content.

Need help with your Lumen Overview presentation? Reach out to to locate a team member near you.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash