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Create and sustain a cross-functional OER steering committee.



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Running the Play

Having a committee that meets regularly and is charged with making decisions and promoting OER can be very helpful in creating awareness and moving the initiative forward.

Strategies and Steps

  • Select enthusiastic chairs with complementary skill sets (ideally offering release time or stipends for their service)
  • Compile a list of potential members
  • Ask the Executive Sponsor to make recommendations and send invitations
  • Select a diverse committee. Consider including many of the following:
    • Faculty (experienced, new, and leaders)
    • Department Chairs
    • Administrators
    • Librarians, Instructional Designers, IT
    • OER Builders, Adapters, Adopters, and skeptics
    • Experienced and new faculty
  • Stagger lengths of service to keep the committee fresh without losing momentum
  • Establish a budget to fund:
    • Mini-grants for faculty adopters/adapters/builders
    • Professional development activities (OER day, conference attendance)
    • Promotional items
  • Empower committee to make OER related decisions and recommendations
    • Criteria and rubrics for mini grants (emphasis on high enrollment courses)
    • Award grants
    • Recommend policy and procedure additions and revisions
  • Require members to advocate for OER to their constituencies
  • Increase student awareness with No cost/low cost designations in your course catalog
    • Slides from webinar about OER Designations
  • Encourage members to present at conferences and workshops
  • Maintain a list of faculty using OER. This helps you track progress with your initiative, and these people may be good candidates for the OER Steering Committee in the future.
    Example –  Santa Ana College
  • Advertise textbook savings and other impacts of OER scaling.
    Example – Salt Lake Community College


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash