As part of Lumen’s commitment to continuously improving our course content and courseware, we’re excited to share that we have made several improvements to Lumen’s Waymaker Biology series. Our Biology series includes the following courses: 

The foundation of these improvements involves student assessment data, student feedback, and instructor feedback. We frequently update and improve our courses with the goal of improving learning outcomes and strengthening the teaching and learning experience. 

What’s improved?

The content for Biology for Majors I & II has been updated to include recent changes found in the primary source of content, OpenStax Biology 2e. Additionally, improvements to the course include:

  • Each course in the biology series now contains in-page practice questions with immediate feedback for each learning outcome.
  • Each course in the biology series has a number of interactives addressing the more challenging learning outcomes or topics of current interest. For example, see our new interactive for the SARS-CoV-2 module here.
  • We have swapped Cerego for H5P flashcards. A login is no longer required to view this study tool.
  • Virtual Lab recommendations.

Ways to Explore the Courses in this Series:

Content that Continuously Improves

Because this course is designed using open educational resources (OER), we have the ability to make timely improvements to strengthen learning for everyone using our courses. Each term, we use behavioral and assessment data to analyze where the content is or isn’t supporting effective student learning. We work with subject matter experts and instructional designers to diagnose problems and design improvements to make the content more effective.  The following term, we test these updates to see what’s working and where to target the next improvements. 

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