Lumen Learning provides affordable course materials that improve learning and replace expensive textbooks in high-enrollment college courses. Follett and Lumen partner to provide a simple, effective path to impacting affordability and student success.

Use the tools on this page to learn more about Lumen and how to introduce it to your campus.

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How Lumen Works

What is Lumen Learning all about?  Find the fundamentals here.

Lumen Overview

We curate the best available OER and add timely updates, learning design, and technical support to make the transition to open content simple, reliable, and effective for instructors and students.

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Course List & Catalog

Lumen provides great course materials designed using OER for 50+ subjects across multiple disciplines. We focus on introductory courses, general education, and developmental education.

Course Catalog
Course List

Pricing & Payment

Lumen’s standard course fee is $25 per student, with Follett’s commitment to no bookstore markup. Students pay via IncludeED, a course materials fee, or by purchasing an access code. Annualized pricing is also available at the institutional or system level, providing course content with no direct cost to students.

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Engaging Your Campus

How do you start a conversation about Lumen courses? Use these tips and tools.

Where to Focus the Conversation

The Lumen catalog is a great place to start! These courses showcase excellent learning design to help students succeed while providing affordability and flexibility for instructors.

Lumen Course Catalog

Evidence-Based Professional Development

Through Lumen Circles, Lumen offers professional development experiences that use virtual learning communities to connect faculty members with peers and help them hone their expertise as student-centered teachers.

Grounded in evidence-based teaching practices and self-reflection, Lumen Circles work well for any faculty member, in any discipline, and at any stage of career.

Learn About Lumen Circles

Supporting Faculty Members

Reach out to faculty when it’s time to evaluate course materials for future adoption. If they haven’t yet selected books, suggest they consider Lumen courses.

Tool: Faculty Email Templates

Lumen’s Featured Courses

Affordability plus outstanding learning design are the hallmarks of Lumen’s featured courses. Kick-start conversations with departments and faculty members by sharing these great options for high-enrollment subjects. Helpful tools make it easy to explore and learn more about each course. You can view all courses on Lumen’s course catalog.

Lumen Courseware Products

Flexible, LMS-integrated math homework engine with learning content and activities you tailor to fit your students’ needs.

  • Instruction & homework system

  • Customizable courses

  • Immediate feedback for students

  • Ongoing faculty support

  • Just $25 per student

OHM Toolkit

View, download, or print Lumen’s complete course list, including OHM courses

Brochure about Lumen OHM, its key features, and how it works
Step by step quickstart guide for building a course with Lumen OHM
Playlist of training videos on how to build and customize courses in OHM
Visit Lumen’s website to learn more about OHM

User-friendly digital courseware with data-driven learning design, personalization, and messaging tools that can increase student engagement, persistence, and passing rates.

  • Personalized study plans

  • Texts and supplemental materials

  • Real-time feedback

  • Easier communication & connection

  • Just $25 per student

Waymaker Toolkit

A short guided video tour of Waymaker courses and how they work

View, download, or print Lumen’s complete course list, including Waymaker courses

Brochure about Waymaker, its key features, and how it works
Step by step quickstart guide for configuring and teaching Waymaker courses
Visit Lumen’s website to learn more about Waymaker

Easy Access Via Your LMS

Take Charge of Learning

Lumen provides a simple, well-supported path for faculty to teach with open educational resources inside your LMS

  • Resolves textbook access/affordability for students

  • Customizable materials instructors can use as-is or adapt to fit their needs

  • Better student outcomes validated by research

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How does Lumen enhance OER?

Print Supplements for Lumen Course Materials


LAD Custom Publishing is now able to provide print supplements of Lumen course materials. These are supplements, and NOT a replacement for Lumen’s digital courseware. In order to access quizzes and assessments, students will need to purchase the digital version of their Lumen course.


Title and Pricing List (Additional title requests, or questions please email

Instructions for bookstores to order print materials from LAD.